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Dat Package: Steins;Gate Blu-ray/DVD Limited Edition, Part 1

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I’m excited to see this come out more than a week ahead of its release date (Sept. 25th), another reason why I prefer Right Stuf 99.9% (more on that .1% later). My first real packaging post, and not only that but my first Blu-ray purchase as well! Click the images for the original size!

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to collectors or those who’ve bought a few of these LE Boxes, but wow! As a first time buyer of these boxes, I’m really shocked to see and feel how sturdy these boxes are! It’s meant to hold both part 1 and 2, which come in the Blu-ray packaging. The backside’s art comes directly from the ninth and final volume of the Steins;Gate Blu-ray released in Japan. Needless to say, I’m impressed.

The Blu-ray case contains both DVDs (white discs) and Blu-ray (Black discs), they’re nothing special but it’s decent I suppose. Enjoyed both episode 1 and 12 commentaries, but twelve more so as it was dedicated to *THAT* event, it being that episode that changed Steins;Gate pretty much forever. I honestly say, while the dub isn’t near FUNimation’s all time high like say, Baccano, I really like this dub especially J. Michael Tatum as Okabe, who pulls off the mad scientist persona off so amazingly well and yes I watched episode 12: he handled the serious side just as well. I also really like Daru, Kurisu and Mayuri dubbed while the rest are pretty average. Still, I’m impressed with FUNimation: less boobies for the win, and more series that have merit and compelling characters. Please and thank you. My next package post will be much more meatier in substance: Bunny Drop (Usagi Drop) Premium Edition BD/DVD, which RightStuf shipped an hour ago and should be here next Tuesday. I’m thrilled!

Here’s my future purchases list:

–Bunny Drop Premium Edition
–Natsume’s Book of Friends Premium Edition + NIS America Online Store Bonus
–The Flowers of Evil GN Vol. 1-2 (3 in December)
–UN-GO Blu-ray Complete Collection
–Steins;Gate Part 2
–Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee Part 1

Other things may catch my interest later, but this is what I’m planning on getting for sure.


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