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Tari Tari – 13 (END)

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I have to honestly admit that despite how much I got bored in most episodes in this series, this final episode is pretty good. AND I was surprised that there was a major difference in my idea of the ending 😀

~I won’t be posting about ep12 anymore… this post is for ep13 and some final thoughts on the series. Also, webkid94 had written a series review.

There are two things that majorly happened in this episode: the Choir Club’s White Festival and what happened to them right after high school.

The Choir Club’s White Festival turns out as I have expected minus the chairman watching and the school not being brought down. I honestly had in mind that the chairman would be moved by their performance and thus saving the school but I guess not going along with the students’ (and the principal’s) disobedience is the only thing that’s left of the chairman’s pride after having his pants pulled down.

It was not surprising for the vice principal to join the Choir Club’s White Festival. Actually I expected it but without the Wind Instruments Club (did I got it right? :/) The Choral Club’s (I’m not entirely sure with this but I think this is what the other Choir Club was called, right?) president is the character who admires at a distance, doesn’t want to be look down to and very prideful. I like how she tries to deny her willingness (or her desire to perform with Choir Club in the White Festival.

Despite how much I like this episode, there’s always the downside. I honestly didn’t like their performance here. Don’t get me wrong, the piano piece is very beautiful and the lyrics is great BUT I really didn’t like how the Choral started butting in and how the music got so lively or upbeat (~ah, I’m not sure if I’m getting my point across x_x). It’s not that I dislike lively/upbeat music, it’s just that it sounds better if it’s in ballad (or something like that. LOL). AND as a final complain on the music, I ‘m really disappointed at how Taichi and Wien never had a solo part in the song. I was actually wishing to hear them sing (not that I’ve never heard them). As for the girls’ voices, the three of them sound the same. There aren’t much distinction in their singing voices. Now for the musical itself, I’d say that it was a real failure and a complete non-sense  but of course I’m not expecting something grand, just something decent.

Now other than their White Festival performance, the next thing I’d like to highlight here is Taichi’s confession. XD I was really looking forward to it and when Sawa was about to go and Taichi confessed, I was just so happy :3

ANYWAY, it was pretty expected for TARI TARI to show how the Choir Club members are doing after highschool. Of course it’s a very happy ending as we have all expected. Everyone seems to be doing what they are suppose to do. And I honestly don’t understand Konatsu’s part. LOL. Other than singing, I really can’t think of other things for her. SO her scene was probably an invitation for a Choice Club or something. Not that I care.

In an overall look on this series, I’d say that TARI TARI came out pretty disappointing. Of course there were times that I did enjoyed watching the it. There’s not doubt about it. The music was decent although pretty disappointing given that it’s a music genre. The only music I probably like in here was the song that the vice principal and Wakana’s mother write, Wakana and her mother’s music (if it’s purely in piano only version) and the Choice Club’s a cappella version of the ED :3 The art is as outstanding as ever with pretty generic character designs that seriously looks like HanaIro.

I’d say that TARI TARI isn’t really a recommended series to watch unless you just want to see girls being dramatic in their life and making fun of the guys. Seriously. ~for those who actually loved the series. Good for you. LOL.


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