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First Impressions: Chuunibyou Demo, Koi ga Shitai!

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I think that was the most enjoyable 24 minutes I never saw coming.


I knew Chuu2Koi wouldn’t live up to the ridiculously high expectations of Hyouka, but KyoAni manages to actually amaze me. For those who don’t know what “chuunibyou” is, it’s basically delusions that people make that go beyond fanfictions: like proclaiming you’ve defeated Satan by venturing into the depths of hell right after taking a hard test with every student looking at you like you’re insane. It’s absurd, but I find it to be very amusing so having Jun Fukuyama voice the protagonist Yuuta Togashi was nothing short of genius. Yes, the same Fukuyama who is known far and wide for voicing a character with a magical left eye who can lead armies and fight an oppressive regime. Genius, genius, genius.


What’s happened so far is Yuuta trying to escape his chuunibyou past by moving far away, but that doesn’t quite work as his new neighbor Rikka (Maaya Uchida) finds out his past and tries having him go back to being Dark Flame Master. Needless to say how Rikka knows Yuuta’s past will be an interesting plot point if the OP visuals are any indication, given that KyoAni already stated that at least half of the anime will be completely original from the light novel. In a surprising turn of events, while I usually don’t like KyoAni’s portrayal of moe (K-ON made be fall asleep for real!), I don’t mind it as much as I did with their other shows. Hopefully the fanservice in the OP will never happen, as that’s something KyoAni really shouldn’t do, with the exception of Hyouka’s 11.5 episode. Still, with only 12 episodes, I’m interested in how KyoAni will handle this adaptation when 50% of it is original content. So far, Fall has had a 100% success rate with three really good premieres including Chuu2Koi, and with [K] and BTOOOM! premiering tomorrow, I’m confident it’ll stay that way.

OP: That was a headache, visuals and song wise.
ED: Heavily influenced from K-ON!’s first ED theme. Very nice visuals and a much better song than the OP.


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