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First Impressions: BTOOOM!

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Translator’s note: keikaku means ‘plan’.

This is what Shit Art Online should have been: cut out the loli’s, cut out the harem, cut out the ultra bland protagonist and just get straight to the point! BTOOOM! has all the signs of being a 12 episode series (and I think it will be), but already I’m pretty excited for the next episode. Maybe people just love the goody two-shoes kind of character, but I like my main characters to be evil and heartless and Sakamoto Ryouta may just fit the bill.

The realities of being a NEET. As much as I loved Eden of the East, it portrayed NEETs in a nonsensical way.

The world of BTOOOM is that of any FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, but instead of guns you’re only weapons are bombs. How awesome is that? Talk about endless possibilities with being forced to use bombs and all of the new tactics one must come up with in order to use those bombs wisely. Unfortunately, poor Sakamoto already wasted three of his bombs because he was too out of it to realized that, hey, those are ACTUAL bombs! Of course, plot convenience must guide him to finally finish off his attacker and once seeing his enemy resemble some sort of bad lab experiment, poor Sakamoto literally barfs up his lunch. What a boss.

So, obviously our main character is not someone you want to root for: He’s a real NEET (not like Eden of the East’s loose portrayal of the word), and at age 22, he still doesn’t want to get a real job. He treats his mother like crap and he cares little for what the rest of the world thinks of him, as he claims that his real home and his real job is playing BTOOOM all day long. Until suddenly he finds himself stranded on an island and as I wrote above, he has to learn quickly that this isn’t a game anymore at least on this island.

Next episode should be the proper introduction of the main female Himiko, and she looks like Sakamoto’s online waifu if I’m not mistaken. Wonder what sort of mayhem BTOOOM will serve up next week? (Hint, looks like rape.)

OP: Holy fuck, that’s a great song. And nice visuals to accompany such an awesome song.
ED: Very calming and soothing and…May’n sung this??? Wow, she sounds amazing without all of that autotuning and other junky addons.


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