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First Impressions: Sukitte Iinayo

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Alright, that’s enough Fall. You’re doing TOO well, it’s starting to scare me. Folks, this may be a little early to say but this may be one of the best seasons in recent memory if solely determined by first episodes. And Psycho Pass hasn’t even aired yet…

*posts to come: [K], Zetsuen no Tempest, Ixion Saga DT, Magi and many many others!*

Now when I first glanced at Sukitte Iinayo (Say I Love You), many words came to mind: “typical shoujo”, “generic”, “plain”, “dry”. Even those who read the manga said the same things, so to my surprise I checked this out purely out of boredom and came out impressed by the efforts of not just the staff but some really great voice acting. What makes Sukinayo seem a bit off from most shoujo mangas, is the personality of Tachibana Mei: she isn’t one to fall for guys, nor is she one that values any sort of friendship while the charming Kurosawa is intrigued by the strangest of things, like being kicked by Mei on accident and apologizing, then giving his phone number to Mei. Just on that alone, watching Sukinayo doesn’t feel like your typical shoujo story (though it still has obvious elements of shoujo) and more of a thoughtful yet serious look on sensitive issues, such as the stalker following Mei.

Very impressed with the performances of Takahiro Sakurai as Kurosawa and Ai Kayano as Tachibana, I could tell somehow that there was a bit of thought and effort into the presentation of the dialogue. Production wise, also surprised to see Zexcs animating this. Every single one of their works is…horribly generic to say the least: Rental Magica (Geass wannabe + Haruhi order of storytelling), Redundancy of the Redundant Title (Another Geass wannabe), Chrome Shelled Regios (what was that about again?) and many other forgettable and poorly animated series. Granted, this wasn’t the best animated show so far, but nothing that seems outright cheap and lazy either. Music was nice and mellow as well.

Still, I prefer Tonari a bit more just because I’ve had good experiences with shoujo comedies rather than dramas, but Sukinayo has potential as well. Things are really looking great this season…Summer 2012? What’s that?

Score: 3.5/5 and the other scores I somehow forgot…woops!

Tonari ep 1: 4/5

Shinsekai yori ep 1: 4/5

Shinsekai yori ep 2: 4/5

BTOOOM! ep 1: 3.5/5

Chuunibyou ep 1: 3.5/5

Main seiyuu cast (+ notable roles)

Yamato Kurosawa – Takahiro Sakurai (Shirokuma – Shirokuma Cafe, Suzaku – Code Geass)
Mei Tachibana – Ai Kayano (Mayaka – Hyouka, Menma – Ano Hana)
Kenji Nakanishi – Nobunaga Shimazaki (Kaito – Ano Natsu, Taichi – Tari Tari)
Asami Oikawa – Risa Taneda (Saki – Shinsekai yori)
Aiko Mutou – Yumi Uchiyama (Momiji – Binbougami ga!)
Megumi Kitagawa – Minako Kotobuki (Tsumugi – K-ON!!)
Kai Takemura – Tomoaki Maeno (Junichi – Amagami SS)


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