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What I Want For Christmas Is…Older Anime?


*edit: I personally added Gintama. I’m giving this one a rare second chance. Read below for more.*

Yeah, I know Christmas is a long time away from now but because I’ll have half of December and all of January off from school (spring semester starts February 3rd), I want to go back and watch shows I overlooked or some that should get a second chance. This is where you shy readers come in!

Plain and simple: give me your recommendations! Looking at my (still yet unfinished) About section, you’ll know that I am generally open to watching almost any kind of series. But I would like you all to consult MyAnimeList profile, just in case you recommend something I’ve already watched and the comments I leave in the tags. I’ll sticky this until Halloween day, October 31st and will update this post to include recommendations. Though I’ve had some recommendations just not connect with me (Eureka Seven being a recent example), I’m interested in giving this a second chance. Just a few guidelines (rules?):

–Preferably in 1080 resolution, though whatever is the best quality works.
–Anything by Key is an automatic no.
–Nothing too long. 26 episodes max, but I have considered watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which is praised by almost everyone I know who has seen it.
–Give me a reason to watch it. From a sentence to a full on essay and in between, as long as I have something to note when I watch the series.

That’s it! Now give me some recommendations!

The Girl Who Lept Through Time
Haibane Renmei
Many Hayao Miyazaki films
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Last Exile
Martian Successor Nadeisco

I added Gintama, even though I dropped a while back. I’ll give this one another look because I’ve been impressed with the director’s other comedy series like Nichibros and currently Ixion Saga DT (now you all should watch this!).


8 thoughts on “What I Want For Christmas Is…Older Anime?

  1. Well, your tastes and mine seem to have little, if any, correlation, so I can’t seem to see much that I could recommend. However, there are a couple of things.

    Howl no Ugoku Shiro – there is a lot of unusual story packed into this two hour long movie. It has a mix of most of the elements that make for a good (in my mind great) action/adventure fantasy. It’s really hard to tell you why I love it without giving away what happens. But I will say that for most of the story the central character is an old woman.

  2. (hit “post” before I was done)

    OH, you haven’t seen “Last Exile” yet? It’s been several years since I saw it and I STILL have dreams where I’m dog fighting in a van-ship.

    Voice of a Distant Star – this is basically one man made show. As such, it’s certainly not the last word in production quality, but interestingly it comes across better than a lot of studio produced shows none the less. And, though it’s only 25 minutes it seems to tell more of a story than many two hour movies. There are just two characters, so despite the short time it manages to develop the two characters very well.

    • I’ve heard a lot of good things about Last Exile, and I’ve also heard bad things about the sequel. I’ll check out the first season for sure. Honestly, I’ve never seen a Makoto Shinkai film before, guess I gotta start somewhere 🙂

  3. Okay lets see, Nadia and the secret of Blue Water, Martian Sucessor Nadesico, Captain Tylor, also have you watch Gundam z?

    • I’ve heard about Nadesico from the recent release by RightStuf

      Zeta? I’m only on like episode 4, but it seems much better than MSG so far. Still need to finish After War, then Victory, 08th MS team and whenever Unicorn ends.

  4. The Last Exile sequel isn’t all that bad, but it’s real problem was that it was a sequel to Last Exile and didn’t even come close in a lot of people’s minds. It was a change in the type and temperament of the main characters, and it was a substantial change in the type and style of story it being told, and neither one came across all that well. Still, if you’re willing to overlook some of its flaws it’s a fun story, but if you have to choose definitely go with the first one.

  5. I love recommendations. I just can’t resist an opportunity to stick my oar in the water. And after browsing your MAL page, it looks like we have similar tastes (Baccano – check; Natsume – check; Steins Gate – check).

    But there’s almost nothing on there older than four years! There’s so much good stuff waiting for you! I’m trying to limit my list of recommendations to only the most important stuff, but I’m failing. However, all of them are short (movie’s, OVA’s, one-season tv shows) and you could watch ALL of them in the time it would take to get through Eureka 7.

    Spirited Away:
    This movie received the Oscar for Best Animated Film, so you know it’s pretty good. However, most anime fans today seem to prefer other Ghibli movie – Nausicaa or Princess Mononoke or Porco Rosso. Those are all worthy films, but Spirited Away really captures the feel of a fairy tale. It reminds me of stories I heard as a child, without feeling trite or childish the way most Disney movies do.

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time:
    This is a fun and light-hearted film about a teenage girl who suddenly receives the ability to time-travel, and proceeds to use it for completely irresponsible things. Until it becomes a serious movie about growing up. Guaranteed to make you laugh AND cry.

    Haibane Renmei:
    This is my favorite anime. Period.
    There are many others that I like. There are some that I love. But very, very few speak to me in a way that affects how I live. Of those few, this is the one that affected me the most. Watch it.

    This is probably the most accessible of Mamorou Oshii’s mood pieces. But it is still complex, and I take something different from it every time I watch it.

    Baka-Neko (Episodes 9, 10, and 11 of Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales):
    This is the show that put Kenji Nakamura, the director of Tsuritama on the map. It is a ghost story, but like all the best ghost stories it’s also a mystery. The mysterious protagonist, a traveling medicine salesman, has to discover the secrets people hide in order to stop a murderous ghost. Also, it looks absolutely gorgeuos, and completely unlike anything else.

    Perfect Blue:
    Satoshi Kon was a genius. He died in 2010, when he was only 46 years old. He left behind five movies and a tv show. All are well worth watching. Perfect Blue is one of my favorites, a horror movie that sheds a cold light on the business of celebrity and fandom. It culminates in a brilliant sequence where the main character’s reality literally disintegrates around her.

    FLCL cannot be described. It can only be experienced.

    Macross Plus:
    On MAL you expressed disappointment with Kids on the Slope, and wondered whether director Shinichero Watanabe was really as good as everyone said. The thing is, Kids on the Slope is an adaptation of an ongoing manga, which means it is very hard to end properly. However, Macross Plus (and Cowboy Bebop, and Samurai Champloo) are all original stories, and Watanabe is a VERY good storyteller. If you give him a second chance, you won’t regret it.

    Okay, this was completely ridiculous. Sorry for cluttering up your comment section. BUT, if you are motivated to watch just one or two of these because of this comment, I’ll feel it was worth it.

    • Thank you for the suggestions! I definitely need to see more movies, for whatever reason I never touch them. After what I heard about Satoshi Kon, I’ll definitely check out his movies and also catch up on Miyazaki’s films.

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