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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 2: More than Shoujo

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Alright, let’s see if I can go back to my weekly episode postings. As I watch Tonari, I’m not sure if there’s much to really complain about than the pacing but it looks to be the standard one-cour series, so with that it doesn’t really bug me as it would for a similar series.

Kininarimasu comes in many different flavors.

Nothing makes me more happier than to see a new cast member join the story: crazy underclassman Asako Natsume, who puts dumb blondes to shame with her stupidity. And unlike most Shoujo series, she’s definitely not aiming for Haru’s affection, as they both mutually agreed to not having feelings for one another in a pretty funny scene. Something about her stupidity is pretty fun to watch, including barfing when she tried to get help with her failing grades. Barfing in a shoujo series? Priceless. There’s also another guy in the picture (judging from the OP) who goes by the funny yet fujoshi-baited nickname of “Sasayan”: from the get go, he reminds me of another peculiar baseball player and I hope that’s the kind of person he’ll be as that ‘ll add a nice angle to the personalities of the main cast. I’m starting to think of this show less like a shoujo and more of a simple rom-com in the vein of Lovely Complex, a show I still haven’t gotten around in finishing but I get vibes of LoveCom as I’ve been watching Tonari and that’s a very good thing for me at least.

Yuki (Tsuritama)’s voice actor + baseball player (comic relief?) = Win

Haru’s not as annoying as he may seem if you take his rape threat from last episode as being very immature with the mindset of a child, then I guess it’s not as bad as it sounds. Obviously his intention wasn’t to rape, but his choice of words didn’t do any good in his case. That kind of brash and unthinking personality may offend some, which is why I wonder if there will be anymore scenes like the rape one. Which leads me to Shizuku: some may think her “sudden” opening up to Haru in trying to care more of others and not just be focused on studying is a bit too much to take in, but I think it works quite well and her old personality isn’t dragged on for ages like some Shoujo series do frequently. Plus, it pretty much proves that this show will only last a season which is kind of sad as I think there’s potential to go on further but I’m not a manga reader so I don’t know if there’d be enough chapters to animate.

Still, once again Brains Base continues to solidify their status as the best studio out there. Natsume, Baccano, Durarara, Penguindrum and so many other awesome series. It’s not just a fluke or a stroke of luck, but a consistent record of stellar production work. The art is lovely, especially in the OP, and the voice actors do a great job. I have high hopes for this show.

I also may blog one more show and it may not be Psycho-Pass. I’ll figure it out, but it looks like my schedule can afford another show. Wish me luck!

Score: 4/5

Here’s the roll call for Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: (If I made a mistake or anything, tell me!)

Shizuku Mizutani – Haruka Tomatsu (Ichika – Ano Natsu, Naruko – Ano Hana)
Haru Yoshida – Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Takao – Kuroko no Basuke, Sakamoto – Baka to Test)
Asako Natsume – Atsumi Tanezaki (Debut role)
Souhei Sasahara – Ryouta Oosaka (Yuki – Tsuritama)
Kenji Yamaguchi – Takuma Terashima (Aoki – Kokoro Connect)
Chizuru Ooshima – Kana Hanazawa (Mayuri – Steins;Gate, Kanade – Angel Beats!)

P.S.: some puns for this episode: The episode is titled “Hen”, the word for weird in Japanese and the main mascot seems to be a…hen. Also, Shizuku’s name comes from the word “Shizuka” which means quiet in Japanese, which she constantly tells people to do.


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