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This Isn’t Really a Post

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I’m sorry for the twitter-like shortness of this post, but while a picture may be worth a thousand words, holding the premium edition of Natsume Yuujinchou (Book of Friends) in my hand, I almost started to cry. This is a fantastically sturdy box, WAY sturdier than NIS America’s Bunny Drop release which I thought was very sturdy but the texture and feel of this box is just…WOW! I am very impressed with NIS America, and if they even decide to re-release season 1 and 2 on Blu-ray, I’d buy it. Wow, I can tell so much effort was put into this and this show deserves such treatment. On the other hand there is the cheap and careless Sentai Filmworks, maybe you guys should give me a reason to spend $60 ($41 on RightStuf) for series that have nothing but a case and a disc or maybe you should offer something to prove you made an effort in your releases. They treat their releases like their licenses: rushed and no effort. Blu-ray only for english dub? Wow, no thanks. Luckily I only want a couple of their releases (Penguindrum specifically), but what a contrast between a company that really puts effort in their releases and one that clearly does not. Again, this isn’t really a post but rather 75% Natsume fanboying mode and 25% Sentai criticism.

Folks, buy this set while you can (and with the nice draw string bag from NIS America’s store)>


One thought on “This Isn’t Really a Post

  1. I agree, fuck Sentai. Licensing absolutely everything and just zzzzzz. Case + disc = stores. No thanks.

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