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The One Year Milestone.


On October 14, 2011 I officially started up the website that would grow to where it is today (though my first actual post was a week later ^^). More below

First I’m honestly surprised I even lasted this far, a couple of times I considered quitting and took a one month break back in August, but here we are! I’d also like to give my thanks to the following folks:

–Cratex: You’re definitely the most consistent commenter on the site and I do appreciate each comment you post (of course, everyone’s comments are appreciated!) and to be honest, you should totally start to blog! You have really nice ideas that would make for perfect blogging material.

-blacksheep: My blogging partner, who’s somewhat responsible for the surge in readership *cough SAO cough*, but I do enjoy her more laidback style of writing which was what I was looking for in a blogging partner, including her posts.

and to all the readers and comments, which I do truly appreciate.

Now it feels weird to be writing this post, when it only feels like a few weeks ago (in reality: months) when I wrote my 10,000 views milestone and it looks like I’ll also be celebrating a 100k milestone by next week. Time truly does fly, doesn’t it?

Now, I want to make this post because I feel I’m lacking one important quality a blog should have and that’s…you guys! I know, I’m not the most active replier to people’s comments here, but I really want to get to know my readers so please introduce yourselves here! I think personally a blog without really any one reading it is just rather a private diary of sorts, it’s you guys that helps make my blogging worth it overall and I’d probably quit if it weren’t for -blacksheep and my overall apathy towards the latest crop of new series. I’ve also been asking people to name me some series I should watch during my Christmas break, a month and a half free from school. You guys can give me inspiration to write whenever I feel that I can’t, after I stopped doing episode posts (though I’m giving Tonari a sort of ‘beta test’ back to the roots).

I wont make any promises to go back to episode posting, but I will be doing series reviews as much as I can and with more in-depth reviewing like my latest Gundam AGE review and hopefully catch up on manga reviewing. I hope you all look forward to those and the other types of posts here, and If there’s anything you’d want me to do or suggest or even criticize, I’m ready to listen.

Thank you guys, I truly am humbled to still be here at this small but steady blog. Onward to 2013 and beyond!

The hard numbers

Most viewed post: Hotarubi no Mori e review – 3,550 views! Under-rated gem from the creator of my alltime favorite series. Everyone has to see it!
Most viewed day: September 9, 2012 – 894 views
Most viewed week: September 3-9, 2012 – 4,493 views
Most comments: Cratex (58), myself (49) and -blacksheep (41)
Most searched phrase: …sword art online (3,485 views)

Funny search phrases:

Sword Art Online porn (488 views – ew I read that chapter and it was worse than anything in Fate/stay night’s VN)
Sword Art Online porno (56 views – The fact that Kirito has a dakimakura/hug pillow of him being shirtless [no, I won’t link it] says volumes. Asuna had more clothing on!)
Sword Art Online sucks (50 views – Agree.)
Kurisutina (43 views – Best character.)
Hyouka fanservice (12 views – What, those EYES don’t count?)
why sword art online sucks (8 views – Needs a better protagonist, less tsunderes, more focus on the world aspect. Everything.)
vegan gundam (4 views – LOLOLOL. Should have informed Zanald of the vegan way.)
i’m curious in japanese (3 views – KININARIMASU. Never forget.)


3 thoughts on “The One Year Milestone.

  1. congrats on your one year! 😀 SAO definitely gets a lot of views. the same thing goes for my blog. haha. it’s like 4 out of my top10 most viewed posts of all time are SAO episode posts.

    && I have to agree that Cratex should start his own blog 😀 I remember regularly dropping by the blog he was contributing for back then… but for some reasons it’s already gone…

    • “but for some reasons it’s already gone…”
      The lady that owned it was a victim of Real Life Interference and felt she couldn’t commit to it. I see she’s still wandering about MAL so I suspect she’ll be back at some later time.

  2. “you should totally start to blog”

    While it’s no secret I like to hear my self talk (the rattling sound my head makes when I do so must comfort me), my short stint on Kat’s blog convinced me I’m not very good at initiating things.

    “I’ll also be celebrating a 100k milestone”

    Way cool. Before I discovered MAL my only real source for information about anime was blogs, and even after over a year on MAL I appreciate personal blogs such as yours, blacksheep’s and others for being a more level headed, informative and thought provoking source of information with virtually no noise to drown out the signal. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep on throwing out the random and marginally useful comments 😉

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