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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 3: Love Flew From the Coop

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*Psycho Pass episode 1 will be combined with episode 2, definitely by Friday.*

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Already I have an idea for the top three series of Fall, and while I’m not sure about the ordering, Tonari is definitely in that top three with Shinsekai Yori (still not sure about the third). This is honestly a really good well-rounded series: it handles the drama well, the comedy even more so and the romance is something to look forward to.

So many love flags for these two this episode.

Here’s the thing: I’m not that bothered by Haru. Yeah he’s really weird, and also lacks decency and especially common sense. But, I get the feeling that he’s truly honest about who he is. The little bit of drama towards the end (mixed with Tonari’s flavor of comedy, as usual) was handled well and it was good to see this cast expand even more. Every character to me somewhat tip toes around common cliches: Shizuku avoids the wallflower personality most shoujo females have, Asako isn’t quite as clumsy as she looks and her interest in the internet is strange, but somewhat amusing. Sasayan actually avoids the big “best friend of the MC/comic relief character” cliche that fellow shoujo Sukitte didn’t try to avoid. Not to say I don’t like Sukitte’s Nakanishi but Tonari handles cliches much better so far.

Also, I’m just really giddy over the fact that the series’ mascot is for once, NOT A CAT! I don’t like cats at all, so to have a rooster of all animals be the mascot is not only a breath of fresh air but also serves as a pun, double meaning and is downright hilarious all in one. The vast majority of this episode was the gang trying to build Nagoya a place to live in, and as it’s been it wouldn’t be complete without tons and tons of very weird humor, most of it thanks to Haru (“We can’t afford it!” / “Take out a mortgage!”).  Honestly, Haru is truly the most fascinating character I’ve seen in a while: he’s just so weird and yet he lacks all basic sense of practically everything and the end result is pure hilariousness. Now I do want to know more about Yamaken and especially Haru’s brother, Yuuzan because seeing Haru react to his brother’s arrival is very odd unless there’s a really good reason for it, but I’m confident this show will handle it while finding a way to insert some comedy in the mix.

I think I’ve made up my mind on blogging: Tonari is a definite yes for me, while I’m not as certain with Psycho Pass. Perhaps there’s one more show out there that’ll catch my eye, but for now I’m content with this. It definitely has to be one-cour, because I’m already dead-set on covering Chihayafuru season 2 next season at the very least.

Score: 4/5



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