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Twelve Days of Anime – Day #4: Great Moments From Series Who Weren’t All That Great

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I’d like to take this post to recognize some of the shows who wowed me in certain scenes, even if those shows as a whole weren’t all that great.

Persona 4 the Animation – King’s Game and Persona 3 Shout Outs

I’m in a weird position here. I’m not entirely cold turkey to this franchise, I’ve played Persona 3 but not 4, so automatically when I hear Burn my Dread as soon as this episode starts, I suddenly found myself fist-pumping no one. I get it: shout-outs are pretty lazy to do since you’re guaranteed not to screw up and have whatever fanbase you’re shouting out to love it. Persona 4 the Animation did a great job in not going to overboard with the shout outs, just a brief look at the old high school, some cameos but the music was obviously the highlight for the episode coming from a P3 fan like myself. I did get a real kick out of the King’s Game scene, because I honestly assume those seiyuu were totally wasted when they did it (were they?). It was completely believable and Narukami got to show how much of a BOSS he is. A very funny and nostalgic episode of P4A.

This Guy

guilty_crown-09-segai-smile-thumbs_up-creepyWhen you watch a show as mind numbingly awful as Guilty Crown, there tends to be one or two characters who just say “FUCK IT” and do stupid shit that’s pretty fun to watch. I never knew one could have a orgasm about being penetrated to death. Thanks, anime.


This Girl

Kokoro Connect - 06 (2)How can Inaban hide those juggers under her uniform, I will never know. Doesn’t help she’s voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, who I am a huge fan of even with her lately getting overexposure. Not gonna lie, whenever I think of Kokoro Connect, I remember this scene exactly.

Yaoi Stick

...and something for the girls.

I wonder what goes into the minds of the people who write these stories even if the intended audience is male? Things like this never get old for me.

Oh, Madhouse…

This show isn’t even done airing and it’s on the list. Honestly, this was totally a Highschool of the Dead shout-out: I can’t call this fanservice, because I totally was laughing almost as hard as I did for a typical Daily Lives of High School Boys skit. Good job, Madhouse (just don’t pull this shit for Chihayafuru 2). This brings back memories of HOTD, a show where I could tolerate fanservice if only because of the zombie bashing.

Accel World – The Pathetic End to a Pathetic Character

Just DessertsThat feeling when you think the wimpy protagonist will spare a villain by preaching love and understanding, only to find out he just cuts the motherfucker in half. That’s a very good feeling and proof that not all male protagonists resort to preaching and cowardice. I continue to watch this scene on a daily basis, in hope that the next generation of male protagonists will continue to follow in Porky’s footsteps.


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