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Twelve Days of Anime – Day #6: The Three Flavors of Disappointment

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Natsuyuki Rendevous. Guilty Crown. Gundam AGE. I could name many more series, but they all equally disappointed many and these are the shows that seem to have a almost universal agreement, I was going to add Tari Tari but apparently some people found value in it for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter how it happened, but the end result is always the same. Once again, my own take on disappointment.


Great start, but faltered quickly: Natsuyuki Rendevous


This one is probably the second most common type of disappointment: because usually very few shows start off great, and I’m seeing a trend where the beginning is bad but the ending is great, such as GOSICK. Anyways, this is the kind of disappointment that pains me personally because I really thought Natsuyuki Rendevous had not only great potential but a shot at my top 10 list for 2012 and it ended up being nowhere near even a top 30 if I made one. Shows like these are hard to talk about because you’re reminded of the great times only to end up talking about what sunk the show completely.

Overhyped and failed to meet expectations: Guilty Crown, Eureka Seven: AO, Sword Art Online, etc.

guilty crown - feb02

This is the most common type of disappointment and one that could easily be ignored. Honestly, if Guilty Crown didn’t have great visuals or music, it wouldn’t have been as huge and controversial as it was. The same formula, however, does not work so well with Eureka Seven: AO. It’s predecessor was known for great visuals and even better music along with a very long complex plotline, which made it hard for the 24 episode AO to try to live up to the Eureka Seven name. Honestly, I wasn’t the biggest E7 fan to begin with but even I couldn’t stand AO (the character was okay): the visuals were painfully bad for a BONES show, the music didn’t click with me but worst of all none of the characters I could give a shit about. I gave a shit about Renton even when I wanted to strangle him for his immaturity and obnoxiousness, because the first series knew how to develop all of its characters and give them depth. This is one of the big reasons AO has been given the honors of Worst Series of 2012 along with Worst Mecha Series of 2012. I know I listed Sword Art Online, but honestly I’d just let the “fans” speak for itself on that one and thinking about its existence makes my brain hurt.


Forgotten and still failed: Gundam AGE

Gundam Age - Mainpost

This is the worst of the three levels of disappointment. The Gundam fanbase had a very stupid reason for refusing to watch AGE, but it ended up actually being a good thing in the long run. Seriously, I know I can be very harsh but if there wasn’t a SEED Destiny or a Failblazer movie, I’d call AGE the worst Gundam series to date. Looking back on it, makes my head hurt for all the stupid decisions the staff took. I don’t mind a Gundam show for kids, but if you can’t even bring in said demographic and try to put your feet in both sides of the field (the fandom), you’re obviously asking for lots of shit to be thrown at you. I did enjoy the Gundam AGE  PSP game way more than the actual series and sadly it even looked somewhat better than the show itself. Stick to games, Level-5.


Anyone have their own interpretations of disappointment?


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