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Twelve Days of Anime – Day #7: This Show is a Pessimist’s Dream Come True


Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 07 - Large 32[2]A dream with self-aware protagonist/narrator, fujoshi, time traveling, crack induced fairies, more time traveling, social commentary and yanderes. I love this show.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 04 - Large 03

What I have to say about Jinrui has mostly been said in my series review for it. The score doesn’t give it justice, however, as it’s an easy 90 but things like character development and the handling of the narrative weren’t pitch perfect. It’s how vividly I remember this series after a few months, when I tend to forget a show a few weeks after it aired. It’s wildly creative, full of snark and wit and has the best ending theme song of the year (now you all know what my #1 ED song is). I didn’t just watch this show, I experienced it and it was a very lucid, surreal experience. If you can’t even laugh at the tiny little fairy who put narcotics in a flower pot and then proceeded to pee himself, I don’t know what to say to you. I can definitely say this is not a show meant for just anyone, hence the title of the post. But even if you can’t appreciate all of what this show offers, there’s one thing I hope everyone can understand: the social commentary. The first episode was pretty much a big middle finger to McDonalds and other fast food places, with how the boss of the Fairy Co. factory having no idea what his job is all about, just being in it for the huge paycheck which reminds me of how overpaid the chancellors of the University of California system are and how little they even do. Yes, it’s somewhat political but we’re all at the age when we ought to start being more aware about these kinds of issues and Jinrui is the perfect show to get a SparkNotes-like version of these issues. But the tone of the commentary is always humorous and light, it never gets too preachy or political but just enough to make you think while being grossed out (at the processed food) and laughing like crazy at the same time. That, my friends, is the magic of Jinrui.


4 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Anime – Day #7: This Show is a Pessimist’s Dream Come True

  1. Ah, I absolutely loved this anime. Blew me away every single episode, actually, particularly since every story went for something completely different from all the other stories in the series.
    I’d argue that it’s not *quite* as pessimistic as the title implies, however! I felt that Humanity Has Declined indeed pointed out many of the ridiculous faults humanity possesses, but I got the sense that the author was trying to get across that this is okay. People are incompetent, fairies are troublesome, and everyone has their faults–but time rolls on and we can still choose how we’ll deal with it all. This sort of concept seemed best presented in the final episode of the series, when the protagonist’s classmates were revealed to be rather messed up (to put it lightly), but there was never any actual conflict that ensued. Things worked out okay after all for everyone. :>

    • I like your counter-argument there. I do feel that on the surface this show may seem very pessimistic, but deep down it’s just as you said. I did not think of it that way! I appreciate this show even more now!

    • I’m in total agreement. The best stories about hope are usually less than happy. Remember, when it’s dark enough, you can see the stars. I don’t care what anybody else says, the ending was perfectly fine the way it was.

      This series didn’t have any moments that really blew me away, but it was consistently good with only one episode that stumbled a little bit. Sometimes, I would rather have an anime like that instead of the one the blows you away and then falls flat the rest of the time.

  2. All I have to say is by the second episode Watashi went on my Favorite Characters list.

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