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The Top 5 Worst Series of 2012

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If any of these 5 are in your top 10 list of the year, stop watching anime.

#5 – Gundam AGE

I honestly thought this was one of the best AGE scenes.

I honestly thought this was one of the best AGE scenes.

It started of so well, even better than 00 or SEED. ┬áThen Kio Asuno happened and suddenly it’s preaching more than Gundam 00 ever preached. Seriously, enough of the “war is bad” shit. I get this show was supposed to gear towards kids, but Sunrise couldn’t even do that well.

#4 – Guilty Crown

guilty crown - feb02

I thought this would be much higher, but I actually enjoyed GC. Not in an actual “I care about this show” kind of way, but it was fun to see how serious this show took itself when it was nothing but a complete laughingstock. The above scene makes me LOL quite often, heck anything where an annoying as fuck character finally shuts up or gets his just desserts.

#3 – Tari Tari

Tari Tari - 13 (1)

If Guilty Crown and AGE had a tendency to treat females like babymakers (AGE) or rape victims, hostages, fanservice, etc. (GC), then Tari Tari’s treatment of its main male cast members is downright awful. Not only that reason alone put it on this list, but the “big moment” of the show was rushed. It stumbled right from the first episode, and continued to thereafter. I laugh when people claim Tari Tari is better than Hanasaku Iroha (P.A. Work’s only good series): Tari Tari doesn’t even stand on the same ground as HanaIro. I wonder what would happen if Houtarou Oreki and Satoshi Fukube from Hyouka were in Tari Tari and realize they’d end up the same. When even KyoAni gives a shit about male characters, you know you’re doing something horribly wrong.

#2 – Another


“Horror”, this show isn’t. Comedy? It’s right up there with Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. But, it was supposed to be a horror. Unfortunately this show only knew how to make extravagant deaths (death by HNNNNGH was hilarious), obnoxious unfitting music and characters that are thin to the point of anorexia. Seriously, P.A. Works: step up your game. I actually want to watch Angel Beats again…

#1 – Sword Art Online

>MFW writing this post.

>MFW writing this post.

Why? Why do you people watch this garbage? It’s the biggest bait and switch plot premise I’ve ever seen. “10,000 people stuck in a game….hey let’s introduce this bland as fuck protagonist and give him girls who want to suck his dick every second they get airtime”. This show and this series and its fans disgust me. I feel NOTHING towards Kirito, not even hate. I hated Ouma Shu, I hated Renton Thurston, I hated Shinn Asuka, but I can’t even feel any emotion towards this hollow shell. This series is Fifty Shades of Gray for prepubescent boys. Yes, that Fifty Shades of Gray. I could use Twilight instead. People, please stop watching these kinds of trashy shows.


One thought on “The Top 5 Worst Series of 2012

  1. I loved Hanasaku Iroha. When I saw Tari Tari was beginning to air, I wasn’t sure whether or not to watch it. Since it’s on here, guess it’s not worth it.

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