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AMNESIA – First Impression


AMNESIA - 02 (6)

well… AMNESIA surprisingly turned out pretty interesting.

AMNESIA is mainly about the heroine (with no name) who lost all her memories prior to August 1 and by interacting with people, she’ll  be able to remember them. Her amnesia was mainly due to the appearance of Orion (Igarashi Hiromi). According to Orion, when he arrived to the world, he bumped into the heroine’s spirit thus trapping himself into her spirit which is probably the reason why she’s the only one who can see and hear him. In order to regain he memories, she must interact with other people.

The first episode was a mere introduction of the series and how it’ll possibly go. Its style does seem to resemble a simulation game (although I’ve never really played one and the closest game to simulation that I’ve played has got to be Persona 3) and the plot itself is made in a way that will make the heroine interact with other characters.

AMNESIA - 02 (1)

The second episode has gone through the mystery covering the series itself which turned out pretty interesting. It has a number of intriguing and questionable scenes which makes me want to continue watching the series. The cliffhanger was kind of predictable but still a great turn of events in my opinion.

As an Otome Game-based series, AMNESIA’s greatest appeal has got to be the male characters together with their personality and voice actors (in my part). First off, there’s Shin (Kakihara Tetsuya) who seems to be the serious type and acts as if he doesn’t care so much about the heroine. Kakihara definitely did a great job in him. I don’t really remember hearing Kakihara voice characters for this kind of series (or does Brave 10 counts? :P) so I’m kind of looking forward to it :3

AMNESIA - 01 (2)

Aside from Shin, another character introduced immediately was Toma (Hino Satoshi) who seems to know the heroine as much as Shin does. He plays the fun and friendly character which kind of reminded me of Ittoki Otoya from UtaPri. For Toma’s character, I’m personally being bothered by Satoshi’s voice because it’s like the calculative Takagi Akito from Bakuman. moved to AMNESIA. It’s like Takagi seriously became a bishie. LOL. I could have liked it better if Toma was voiced by Terashima Takuma or Miyano Mamoru or Sakurai Takahiro or someone else.

Finally there’re Ikki (Taniyama Kishou) who always had that suspicious look. Could it be that he can see that the heroine lost her memory? AND there’s Kent (Ishida Akira) who plays the inexpressive guy in the series. As for the voice actors, I’m personally not a fan of Kishou’s voice acting and I don’t think his voice in here stands out in any way for me. As for Akira, I like his voice and it’s definitely fitting for his character.

The music is definitely great. I like the BGM that played right at the very beginning. It’s pleasing to listen to. It’s like a music box sound. I’m definitely looking for a copy of the soundtrack :3 Also, the OP is pretty nice. It’s visually and musically appealing.

AMNESIA - 02 (4)

The art is really great. I guess that’s Brains Base for you! The color is great. The character designs are right on track. I definitely like all of them :3 And unlike a certain Otome Game-based series, the heroine actually looks nice in here. The color combination of the characters’ eyes seem to be an interesting touch but bothering at times but not as bother as this character‘s golden eyes. LOL.

In an overall impression on this series, I’d say that it was unexpectedly great. The mystery that’s going on in here is what’s getting me hooked up (aside from all those bishies of course. LOL.). I’m kind of hoping that AMNESIA won’t go bad along its run. I really like the premise of this series(:


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4 thoughts on “AMNESIA – First Impression

  1. When I first watched this I couldn’t shake off a feeling that there was something off about the visuals. Then I realized that almost every scene was a still with talking heads. It’s interesting that you liken it to the game from whence it came, since that perfectly describes the art style. It’s not to my taste, but I can understand why they’d choose to animate it like that.

    I also found the story passably interesting but ended up passing on it since my season plate is already ridiculously full and I had to cut some. Maybe I’ll backlog and marathon it, though an end review from you would be helpful for that decision 🙂

    • I don’t really blame you for passing it since there could be a lot more interesting series out there this season. I’ll try to write review at the end of the season when I feel like it(:

  2. It wasn’t bad, but I could have done without the blatantly supernatural elements. And I know the female lead is suppose to have amnesia, but if she doesn’t get a personality soon, this show is going to tank.

    I’ll give it a few more episodes, but it’s on the fence as of now.

    You’re right about the eyes too. They look nice from a distance, but the closeups always weirded me out a little bit.

    • with Amnesia’s style, I’m betting that the heroine won’t get a personality… actually I’m thinking that we won’t see much development on her since the series is probably focusing more on the characters around her and its supernatural element.

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