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Chihayafuru 2 – 06 + 07

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Chihayafuru 2 - 07 (5)

There must be something wrong with me a couple of weeks back since I have no idea how the heck I missed out that Kana haven’t won her match yet that time -_- sorry for that. Anyway, going back to where I last off more than a week back…

Episode 06.

I hate to say it but I knew it! The announcement of sending two teams from Tokyo wasn’t for nothing. I’m pretty sure that we’ve all seen this coming.

The most noticeable thing in this episode is Mizusawa’s realization of their lack of teamwork. Of course we don’t blame anyone of them because they do lack the experience. The teamwork that Hokuo presented here perfectly showed their team’s experience – how each of them are trained to play as a team.

When the game ended up being a draw of luck and Mizusawa was pushed into a corner then realized Hokuo’s teamplay, both Chihaya and Taichi decided to do something about it and not let luck decide their match. I’m honestly amazed at how Taichi was able to pull of something like making Hiro-kun commit a fault. Sure Hiro-kun was personally pressured although he was internally trying to make himself calm. Taichi’s desire to win for Mizusawa pushed Hiro-kun to moving careless and be played by Taichi’s move when a dead card was read.

Chihayafuru 2 - 06 (2) Chihayafuru 2 - 06 (1)

As for Chihaya and Amakasu’s match, it was seriously intense and Chihaya sure did pulled off something amazing as well. Similar to Taichi’s desire to win, she amazingly reached Amakasu’s right side which was really far from her. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect Chihaya to lose her match or let it end in a draw although Mizusawa’s lose can already be seen since the start of the Nationals due to what I’ve mentioned last post.

I really like the development on Amakasu here. His lack of talent in sports is something that most of us probably expected. On a side note, it’s kind of funny how most of the characters shown decided to play Karuta because of their weakness on other things or lack of decision in life or such or other personal things. Not much of them played Karuta because they love the Hyakuninisshu like Kana.

Chihayafuru 2 - 06 (3) Chihayafuru 2 - 06 (4)

Anyway, I think that the end product of this match was really good – not only for Hokuo but also for Mizusawa. Hokuo, particularly Amakasu, who desired to win because of Hiro-kun’s pride game. I’m kind of excited to see Hokuo at the Nationals with Mizusawa. Sudo’ll be there and Hokuo will now aim to be the #1 in Japan along with their ace Amakasu who isn’t as laid back as before.

The development in Mizusawa’s team isn’t only on their team work but their taste of defeat will definitely be something to learn from. I really pitty Nishida-kun since he was the first one to lose with 13 cards and being the other Class A player of the team. Blaming himself is out of the question but no one in the team would like to look at it that way. It’s the same thing when their team lose in the Nationals at Omi Jingu. Furthermore, with Sumire and Tsukuba-kun finally joining Shiranami Karuta Society, looks like their team will be more interesting :3

Episode 07.

This episode of Chihayafuru is more like a breather episode. I don’t usually see Chihayafuru do this kind of episodes but every once in awhile, it seems pretty nice(:

You see, Chihaya had been obsessed with Karuta for years and we barely see her family care about what she does. Of course we can’t forget the episode last season wherein Chihaya saw her first news clipping volume collected by her father. This time around we have her mother bringing her to Oe’s Traditional Clothing. It moved me just to see Chihaya’s mom’s part in Chihaya’s love for Karuta. I really like the development on Chihaya’s mom in here(: It just makes me smile.

With Chihaya’s mom actually being comfortable at Chihaya’s Karuta obsession despite its negative effects on her academics, it seems that she’s mom worried on Chitose who just declared that she’ll be entering a university to study. Her career path does seem unstable and we don’t see much enthusiasm on her due to her pride (I think) but at the end of the day, it seems that Chihaya was the one who pushed Chitose to stick into what she actually wants despite the difficulties she encounters.

Chihayafuru 2 - 07 (1) Chihayafuru 2 - 07 (2)

 I never really saw it coming how Chihaya suddenly talked about getting something in return. Their last match with Hokuo definitely made an impact to her since it was a draw of luck kind of match with Hokuo having a bit of edge due to their team match experience. Chihaya has become more considerate due to her thinking that somehow they’ll get something in return by letting the school band use the second floor of their club room. I think that Chihaya’s action in here will have some interesting effect in the Nationals(: I’m kind of hoping for them to win but that would be too much, maybe something like a runner would be good 😀

Finally, the ending part of this episode kind of pushed through Chihaya’s realization on her feelings for Arata. Sumire’s question of having someone she likes and thinks about kind of reached Chihaya the wrong way as someone who only thinks about Karuta. But deep inside her, it seems that she was also thinking of Arata that she suddenly had the urge to call him :3 and that part was just a huge kick at Taichi’s gut.

Chihayafuru 2 - 07 (3) Chihayafuru 2 - 07 (4)

I have to admit that somehow I get pissed off at how Taichi acts depressed or gloomy whenever Chihaya talks to or about Arata. Of course we can’t just forget the fact that he likes Chihaya and he thinks that Chihaya has unconscious feelings for Arata. But at some point, can’t he get pass jealousy and think that maybe, just maybe, Chihaya really just wants the three of them be together and play karuta the way they used to?

Next episode will be the beginning of the Nationals and I’m really excited for it. I’d also like to see Sumire and Tsukuba win at least one match :3 I’m kind of hoping for Sumire to actually win (even just a runner up) at the individual match – but we’ll see that after a couple more episodes.


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