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Chihayafuru 2 – 08

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Chihayafuru 2 - 08 (1)

~once again, my internet was crappy during the past week so I’m posting this late. I’ll be posting Episode 09 later or maybe tomorrow(:

The first match turned out more laid back than I expected it to be(:

Just when we’re all so pumped up to see an exciting and intense match, we’re given a laid back and fun 1st round match for Mizusawa HS. The moment I saw the names of their opponents, I just knew what to expect – from their looks to their characters to their background. Even the English talk at the beginning of the match to add pressure was predictable. But knowing that they grew up in Japan was a great add up.

Chihayafuru 2 - 08 (2) Chihayafuru 2 - 08 (3)

Tsukuba, Nishida and Kana’s thoughts really add up as a great overview of how foreigners kind of are. I think that there are foreigners who really like Japan (or maybe other countries) and try their best to act like one based on what they knew from books or internet. They study the culture to an extent that some people who live in Japan don’t care any more.

The Chiba International School Team was purely motivated by their love for the poems and karuta. Their minds are probably not prepared for something intense like competitive karuta.

On other notes, I don’t think that Taichi is being greedy like Chihaya as what he was thinking. If he was being greedy, he’d be wishing to win both team and individual matches although thinking big like being number one in Japan is definitely being off character. Also, I think that Sumire perfectly fits her role as someone scouting for the team together with Komano-kun. Although she hasn’t grown much in her skills, she’s probably a good observer (based on how she sees Oosaka Megumu. HAHA.).

Chihayafuru 2 - 08 (4)

Random Thoughts:

>>Tsukuba-kun is admiring Komano-kun more :3
>>The Chiba International School Team’s English was funny but damn Taichi’s was a lot funnier.
>>Arata x Shinobu? Shinobu’s definitely acting weird about Arata but I think it’s definitely about her respect and amazement on Arata’s play, I think.
>>The two teams mentioned: First Akashi Girls’ School and Fujisaki Highschool will definitely play their roles later on. I’m sure of it(:


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