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Chihayafuru 2 – 10, 11, 12

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Chihayafuru 2 -12 (1)

Here I go again with my laziness but come spring season, I’ll definitely be back to how I was back then(: Also drop by my Spring Season Anime List post and see what I’ll be tuning in for next season.

Probably the most beautiful thing about Chihayafuru aside from its flawless character development is how each character or team never gets left out or forgotten. Despite how we’ve been watching Komano-kun, Nishida-kun and Kana-chan for the past season, we further see them develop and what happened during the past season and episodes weren’t only for those times.

Episode 10.

This episode introduced a new team and gave a quick background on one of their teammates which was highly similar to what they did in episode 9. Taichi is absolutely right in saying that they’re matched against weird teams – seeing five Kamano-kun looking guys sure is a pretty funny sight and I was absolutely surprised of their style.

Chihayafuru 2 - 10

Players who’re good at memorization seriously amazes me, particularly Taichi’s style of knowing all the cards read and unread. What’s surprising in their opponents this time around is how they have no particular style in placing their cards. They just shuffle them, placed them all in the center and move all of them every time a card is taken. This is certainly the first time we’ve seen something like this and this style of Karuta seriously focuses on one’s memorization skill. It’s not a pretty thing but no one other than Chihaya seems to get bothered by it. In fact, Chihaya gets dizzy with all those cards moving around the center of her opponent’s field but I’m pretty sure that no one was worried that she’ll lose most especially when the one-syllable cards were left on the field :3

On another side of the story, Arata’s problem was immediately solved thanks to Shinobu’s involvement. I was really glad to know that we’ll see Arata in the individual tournament because after watching his watch over at episode 9, I just can’t wait to see a really serious match. Actually I just want to see the match between Arata and Shinobu.

Episode 11.

This episode particularly focused on Nishida-kun and Komano-kun.

I really like the focus on Nishida’s frustration in here as he sees himself in Komano-kun who slowly loses interest in Karuta despite the hard work he poured to it. I don’t want to hate Nishida-kun for thinking about things like that since it does seem like Komano-kun doesn’t really care so much about playing in the play-offs or in any of the games at all. He did said that Karuta is difficult and despite the many practices he had done, he still wasn’t that good. It was an even saddening fact that Tsukuba-kun became almost equal with Komano-kun even though he only started playing competitive Karuta. But in the long run, I think that Komano-kun will be sticking to his role in scouting teams because he’s really great at it. With how much he wants their team to really be great, he’s more than willing to lessen his exposure to official matches and focus on giving support and information.

Chihayafuru 2 - 11

This episode actually made me realized that scouting actually does help their team. At the past season, I remember Hiro-kun giving Mizusawa a copy of information regarding the teams that participate in the Nationals but we never really saw them use those information. In here, we get to see how Mizusawa members showed us how Komano-kun’s scouting help them win their match. I guess Karuta really is just any other sport out there :3

Random Thoughts:
>>Arata and Shinobu sure have gotten closer than we expected.
>>Chihaya sure wants to win that she’s willing to give in and not be matched against Megumu, but Taichi eventually give in let her take 3rd player hoping that Akashi Girls Academy would change their order. Sadly, he guessed wrong.

Episode 12.

I think that this episode’s the beginning of the serious nationals matches. Seeing that Hokuo is up against Fujisaki, I’d say that I want to see that match as well! Setting that aside for now, I’d honestly say that I didn’t like this episode as much as the previous ones. I know that it’s suppose to fire things up but seeing the back story of Ousaka Megumu through the three Otaku Megumu guys and her school’s couch kind of sadden me.

How interesting this match will be is still a mystery to me. Setting Megumu aside whose talent we’ll probably see next episode, I wonder how the other members are since Sumire wasn’t able to get proper information about them and based on what Komano-kun said, they’re just ordinary girls who loves the poems. Seeing just how their team is a constant contender for the nationals don’t make those girls ordinary to me although I’m not betting to see anything extra ordinary or weird on them. But I’d honestly say that I won’t be happy to see this match be focused so much on Megumu.

It’s kind of disappointing how everyone seem to disregard Mizusawa’s presence in the nationals. The couches seem to not care about them and people talking about Akashi Girls Academy taking over the match. Add to that the idea that Megumu initially seated in front of Fujisaki skipping both Mizusawa and Hokuo (now I’m really hoping for Hokuo to actually fight harder against Fujisaki), Mizusawa should really show everyone why Hokuo wasn’t able to make it to the nationals last time.

Chihayafuru 2 -12 (2)

Finally, there’s Kana who have been a bit left out lately in terms of development but before this episode ended, she sure showed how much she improved. Not only did she showed how much her stamina has been holding on but she’s actually leading by 4 cards against her opponent. Not only did Kana showed how much she has improved but at the end of the episode, she’s actually encouraging and boosting up Chihaya by reminding her to think of the meanings of the poems through the reminiscent of that little scene as she tells Chihaya the meaning of that one poem.


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