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Aku no Hana – First Look

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This is a much “looser” style of writing to compliment this series.


Let me make this perfectly clear: I FUCKING LOVE what they did to the animation. Angry shitbugs can whine and moan somewhere else.

I’ll just list the bad stuff before I start heaping praise on Aku no Hana:

–The OP: Holy shit, the song is fucking earcancer and it’s also the laziest OP I’ve ever seen.

–Really slooooooooooow pacing: They didn’t even get halfway to chapter one, yes CHAPTER ONE. 

I love reading Aku no Hana, it’s extremely depressing and yet it’s that trainwreck quality that pulls you in. You hate to read this, you hate what these characters do to each other but yet you’re fascinated and continue to read it. That’s how I feel reading AnH, and that’s what I’m feeling about the anime though instead of hating to read it’s now hating to watch (the rotoscoping). Honestly, I welcome more experimental animation like this though it could do for some more polishing. Now let’s talk about the actual story.

For those who have at least heard of this series, some will compare it to School Days. There’s only one instance (or, in this case, character) where that comparison is apt, otherwise nothing about these two series are similar. Aku no Hana is about a pretentious hipster named Takao who flaunts his superiority by reading classical literature, while crushing on the popular girl in school Saeki. I don’t want to spoil anything but just keep an eye out for Nakamura, as she is the main driving force that puts this series in motion. Nothing about this series is uplifting: any kind of cruel humiliating things you can think of doing to someone, this series will probably do. 

While the pacing for this episode was extremely slow, the next episode will definitely show the main ideas of the series, the main motivations for our main characters and so on. If you actually manage to continue watching, you’ll see a lot of promise in Aku no Hana despite what the naysayers (shitbugs) may say otherwise.

Score: 3.5/5


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