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Hataraku Maou-sama! – First Look

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Maousama - 01Wow, I am actually impressed with this show. Not enough to blog it (blogging comedies are a pain), but enough to continue watching.

I can appreciate and amuse myself with the irony of Satan working at McDonald’s, so already this show is calling out to me just with that little bit of irony alone. Not only that, but the comedy is pretty low-brow: not IN YOUR FACE HAHAHAHAHA WHY AREN’T YOU LAUGHING HAHAHAHA but not making you think “Wait, was I supposed to laugh?”, this comedy that surprisingly Satan’s assistant carried quite well, especially that bit about Supersize Me (and yes, he did say Supaa Saizu miii) which totally took me off guard, and I rarely get taken off guard. Again, great start.

I wonder if that first scene, did anyone know if the Hero was actually a dude? The subs mentioned that “he” lead the humans against the Demon King, and yet we have a young woman who confronts Satan after she witnesses him trying to use magic. ┬áNot much else to say, as comedies usually do all that with jokes though I wonder what Satan’s coworker’s role is in the story as she’s listed as a main character.

So far, my “watching” list:

  • –Aku no Hana
  • –Hataraku Maou-sama!

Need to watch That Obnoxiously Long Ass Title That I Cannot Be Bothered To Remember Desu, or ThaCanDesu for short. I watched Majestic Prince but holy hell the character designs were BAD, and it just didn’t click with me. Fingers crossed for Valvrave then.

Score: 4/5


One thought on “Hataraku Maou-sama! – First Look

  1. For some reason I also was a little surprised that the “Hero” was a woman. However, I wasn’t motivated enough to go back and rewatch it to see if it was called out earlier. I’m somewhat mixed on this one.

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