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Zetsuen no Tempest – 24 and Final Review


I love you, Aika.

I definitely did not expect to have a bombastic finale, but while Shinsekai Yori and Psycho-Pass had great endings I was pretty disappointed by Tempest’s ending. Still doesn’t change the fact that I really enjoyed this show.

So Yoshino getting shot was a red herring and thankfully that was quickly done with, in order to deal with the Tree of Genesis. While I do appreciate how unorthodox Tempest was in having a supporting character (Hanemura) being the big hero instead of Mahiro and Yoshino, it was obvious the staff knew they were running out of time and pulled a little golden deus ex machina to take out the Tree. Honestly, I wish this happened last episode and reserved the final episode for the epilogue – something I could easily see this show do, as it loves to defy expectations and preconceived notions. Thankfully, not all of it was that bad.

The parts with Aika were definitely true to her personality, as the above image clearly shows. That, and more Yoshino x Hakaze scenes never hurt either. Whether or not they turn out to be a couple is left to our imagination, though I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also, I was surprised to see how Hanemura’s girlfriend turned out to be completely non-important, I thought she would be Aika in disguise for some reason.


Animation – 8/10: The parts where they stand around and talk are obviously not well animated, but action scenes are definitely better choreographed.

Story – 13.5/15: Another story with time travel elements and doesn’t completely fall apart under it’s own weight? Awesome.

Characters – 17/20: Aika got into my top 10 characters list, she’s just one of the best kind of characters I rarely see: one’s who’ve died yet still play a major role in the story and even influencing events while seemingly deceased. Mahiro and Yoshino serve as perfect foils to each other quite well.

Sound – 6.5/10: Overly pretentious soundtrack, but great OP/ED and voice acting.

Enjoyment – 38/45: The first half was somewhat a chore to watch, but the many changes the second half brought were genius. In fact, I just about enjoyed every little change that Tempest does to differentiate itself from the masses – like starting off quite serious but then adding rom-com elements in the second half.  I honestly hated this show at the beginning, and now I’m glad I actually stuck around to see it to the end because Tempest is a show that keeps you guessing and especially, surprised.

Overall – 83/100 (B-)


2 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest – 24 and Final Review

  1. I really hated the show at the beginning, as well, and stopped at episode 7 because I didn’t want to watch any more of it; however, 83/100 is not bad, and if it really does pick up in the second half if you mentioned, I might have to revisit Zetsuen no Tempest.

  2. I struggled with it a little in the late beginning parts as well, but overall really enjoyed it. Time travel is generally a red flag for me, but the way it was done here worked really well for me. In the end, Aiko trolled me as well…I was convinced she’d pull a trick out of her hat and leap forward in time just as Hakaze had done by using that digital letter she asked Hakaze to pass on. Regardless, I regard Aiko as one of the strongest plot elements I’ve ever seen in a story.

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