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(A) Shocking Announcement(s) !


My reaction to Aku no Hana's naysayers.

My reaction to Aku no Hana’s naysayers.

I will blog Aku no Hana. Yes, blog. Yes, as in weekly.  More shocking announcements below..

I wasn’t planning on blogging it to be honest even though it had the highest chance to given that I absolutely love the manga and am saddened to see very few people read it. Maybe you didn’t like Aku no Hana’s first episode, but maybe that pushed you into reading the manga? If that’s the case, I applaud your decision. I am blogging it because of the over-reactions people have had about the first episode and assume that just because the animation is not to their liking, that the entire series is shit. I’ll be here to refute that on a weekly basis, along with that loose writing style I was talking about in the first impressions post. What kind of writing style I’ll use in the event I blog another show, I’m still figuring out. More snark? I love snark, but it doesn’t really translate well on the internet. I won’t use a lot of screen-caps, because I’m actually watching all of these new series on Crunchyroll (USA! USA!), just to give back to the industry as I rarely buy anime goods anymore.

I will also try to keep myself writing more posts, not only to reassure you all that I have not forgotten this site but to get use to writing on a weekly basis for college papers and things like that. I do prefer writing lengthy series reviews rather than lengthy episode reviews, but to each their own I guess. Surprisingly, this is also quite a good season so far: I’ve only dropped Majestic Prince and Yahari…, and kept everything else! Oreimo, Gargantia, Maou-sama, Titan, Devil Survivor and Aku no Hana are all going to stick. I’m also watching Gundam SEED Destiny HD Remaster. Why? I ask myself that when I watch Oreimo, and I still don’t know.

Anyways, suggestions on writing style? I know some people will probably scoff and say “It’s YOUR style, you write however”, but I just want SOME input.

TL;DR – Blogging Aku no Hana and MAYBE something else though they won’t be as wordy as some of my other posts. Maybe changing my writing style a bit?


2 thoughts on “(A) Shocking Announcement(s) !

  1. Read the entire manga (so far) in one sitting and, I agree, I thought is was excellent. Also, snark makes for good writing.

  2. LOL – you get a point just for blogging it! I’ve no plans to watch Aku no Hana – it doesn’t interest me, but I found the ‘storm’ it caused over on MAL amusing.

    As for style for an episode blog, just make sure not to take a ‘defensive’ tone. I always felt “why I liked this” should be in series reviews and “what I thought of this episode” was for episode blogs.

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