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Chihayafuru 2 – 13

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Chihayafuru 2 - 13

This episode could have been better for me if I actually cared about Akashi Girls Academy. But I don’t. So I’m not happy about this.

The semi-finals (is it?) continues with the match between Mizusawa and Akashi Girls Academy surprisingly being the center of attention. I wonder if Hokuo is miserably losing or is it just because Mizusawa has seriously surprised everyone how they are able to keep up with Akashi Girls Academy.

While it was established that the members of Akashi Girls Academy Karuta Club was helping improve in order to become Queen without even knowing how she actually feels about it, Mizusawa’s members were also doing the same thing for Chihaya. Instead of focusing on becoming Queen, everyone was all set on helping Chihaya improve in order to become the real #1 team in Japan. This match has been showing how Chihaya has improved after the Tokyo Regionals. Although not yet perfect, it seems that Chihaya has merged in the strengths of both current the Queen and the Master.

While everyone else is unexpectedly having a tough time with their opponents particularly Nishida, Megumu and Chihaya’s match have become more interesting due to Megumu’s sudden drive to actually fight and beat the hell out of Chihaya. With how their match have been going, Megumu’s character is slowly becoming interesting. The conclusion of this match will definitely come next episode and it excites me to see how Mizusawa will win, if not, what will be the reason of their loss and how they will take it.

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