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Chihayafuru 2 – 14


Chihayafuru 2 - 14

That team match was the best one I’ve seen so far.

I’m pretty impress at how I turned from not caring at Akashi Girls Academy to someone who actually care about their team and Megumu as well. During the first episode of their match, it was showed that Megumu’s teammates were so much into making her queen that they barely noticed themselves getting stronger from constantly playing with Megumu. In the last episode, it was showed that Megumu barely cares about being the queen and all. She’s more of pleasing everyone and having it their way. She wants them to have the satisfactory they want. But through her match with Chihaya, she was pushed into actually telling her herself what it is that she truly wants. In her match with Chihaya she find herself contesting cards, loudly pushing everyone to take cards and even wanting herself to take every card on the field.

The twist of the outcome of this match isn’t the fact that everyone’s watching Mizusawa’s match instead of Hokuo. I’m pretty sure that despite how much Hokuo is more than willing to have a rematch with Mizusawa, Fujisaki just had to beat the up. 4-1 is too much for Hokuo. I wonder how they’ll face Sudo :3 What’s interesting in this match aside from Chihaya and Megumu’s intense match is the fact that everyone was left on Tsutomu-kun’s hands. In all honesty, some part of me kind of thought that they’ll just lose there and had their re-match with Hokuo for the 3rd place but once again, Tsutomu has shown how important and how much his notes has helped him through. He gambled the last card. It was something he set on himself. But he did it based on his notes. He trusts his notes. And starting from this match onwards, I’m seriously liking to see more of Tsutomu’s notes and see how these will help their match against Fujisaki.

Personally, I think that Tsutomu-kun can be better than Taichi. They both have good memories and can probably remember all the cards read and unread. But unlike Taichi who mope around not having enough talent, Tsutomu-kun has long gotten over his worries and accepted the fact the he still has a long way to go. He also has his reliable data to further strengthen himself.

Finally, the first years were further inspired by the 2nd years through their match against Akashi Girls Academy. Furthermore, I think that Tsutomu’s victory will also deepen Sumire’s drive to play karuta harder. Then there’s Tsukuba-kun. He actually asked to play for the match against Fujisaki. It’s no doubt that he’s scared. Of course he should be. He was scared in their previous matches why wouldn’t he be scared of a seriously strong team. But instead of letting is fear take over him, he volunteered to be on the next match because he’s been worrying about Kana’s strength since the match against Akashi which was showed a couple of episodes back. For Kana’s part, instead of further denying her weariness, she finally gave in and rely on Tsukuba-kun for the match against Fujisaki.


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2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru 2 – 14

  1. Actually, Taichi seems to have mostly gotten over himself this season. It’s hard to tell, because with the way they’ve developed him, it could go either way. We’ll find out soon enough, I guess, since they strategically omitted details about his victory this episode.

    What’s more interesting to me is how oddly.. distantly they’ve been developing Porky’s character. Seems a bit random at times, requiring some subtle hindsight and reading between the lines. Wonder where they’re going with his character..

    • We don’t really have anything much on Taichi lately as they try to develop the other members. The last thing I can remember about Taichi has got to be his willingness to win in the team tournament of the Nationals and not caring so much about the individual one. Probably influenced by Chihaya.
      ~ah yes, I think I failed to point out Porky’s part in this episode. Wherever they’re headed in Porky’s character, I’m just hoping that he won’t give up on karuta again.

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