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Aku no Hana – 03: Descend into Madness

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shitfaceAku no Hana is the perfect example of the three episode rule succeeding.

Honestly, this show keeps impressing me every episode and shows what kind of things you just can’t do with black and white images that you CAN do with animation. We see just how fucked up Nakamura truly is, how fucked up Kasuga is and as a whole how fucked up the world they live in is. The way Kasuga acts when he’s trying to throw away Saeki’s gym clothes is just better represented here as opposed to the manga:


Personally I also like Kasuga’s character design better in the anime, here he just looks goofy and stupid. You can actually hear what’s going on in his mind. Still, I won’t try to lie and say this is a perfect adaptation but it captures the tone, mood and atmosphere almost perfectly. For me, that’s the one most important thing I wanted this anime to do: to capture the feeling of dread, that you can’t stop watching even though it’s horrible to see the protagonist suffer so much. I won’t expect you to enjoy this, in fact it’s almost downright impossible to use the word “enjoy” when talking about Aku no Hana, manga or anime.

But you can’t doubt that this series is actively exploring themes like disillusionment and using middle school kids (!) as the guinea pigs for a grand experiment: what do we feel about the world we live in? Does it work for us, or against us? Many more questions like these will be made in the coming episodes.

The “rape” scene was also quite well done and really drives home the fact that Nakamura is not your average girl. How she is able to use Kasuga like a puppet, even when she isn’t actually trying (when Kasuga defends her from the stolen money) proves just how scary and twisted she is. For those who are wondering: Saeki is going to be a major player in this series, don’t fret.

Score: 4.5/5

Next time, shitbugs.


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