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Chihayafuru 2 – 15

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Chihayafuru 2 - 15

It kind of took me forever to think about what I’ll focus about in this post. Since talking about Komano-kun and his amazing observation and analyzation skills is a bit repetitive, I decided to write about something else.

Well okay, I’m thinking I’ll just go around how’s the series going and stuff and a quick view on Mizusawa’s and Fujisaki’s current line up for the finals.

Let me start with the current pacing of Chihayafuru which is really, really slow. Looks like we’re sticking to the Nationals for the entire season which is something I’ve read throughout the lovely internet and I’m honestly not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing. Maybe a combination of both? Good ’cause we’ll all be hoping for a season 3 until Chihaya becomes the queen or something. Bad ’cause it’s making us all wait to death on what’s going to happen next. But maybe that’s also a good thing ’cause I like tension. Well who knows? There’re people out there who can’t stand seriously slow-paced series but I’d say that with Chihayafuru, Madhouse makes it seem like slow-paced series is actually really, really good.

Now for some quick blabbering on what’s going on with the finals. With how Fujisaki looks, it does seem  like Mizusawa is greatly overpowered. Fujisaki’s line up consists of four Class A players and a Class B player who looks like she’s at Chihaya’s level. Or so that’s what I think. Aside from the solid fact that Fujisaki is supposed to be the best team in Japan and their line-up’s Classes, there aren’t much that shows how good Fujisaki is. As for Mizusawa’s current state, with Kana out of the game I personally think that lessen their chances of winning. Tsukuba’ probably good but not as good and inspired as Kana when it come to Karuta and the pressure of tournament matches itself. Aside from Kana’s pull out from the finals, it’s pretty interesting to see the fruits of those small developments on Taichi a couple of episodes back. It is surprising to have him volunteer to face the captain of the team. With Arata back on Taichi’s mind and the line his opponent just drew, I wonder how much of Taichi’s motivation to win remains.

Now I’m really excited to see how Mizusawa’s match with Fujisaki will go. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be an interesting one. Far more interesting than Mizuawa’s previous matches since eyeing on Yamashiro Rion looks like she’s going to be a pretty formidable opponent for Chihaya, Emuro Ryoga might be a little too much for Taichi and Yamai Makoto’s current frustration might be placed on Mr. Spy, Komano-kun.


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