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Aku no Hana – 04: The Veil is Lifted

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hiThat uncomfortable feeling you get when you see Nakamura smiling, yeah I don’t blame you.

I think one aspect of the show that people are really annoyed with is how passive Kasuga is. True he’s a wuss and a total bookworm, but this series is really trying to show just what happens when you make one stupid decision and that it can spiral completely out of control from that point on. I’ll also mention Saeki as she too is getting some flack for almost the same reasons as Kasuga. Yes, she seems like nothing more than a plot device for Kasuga’s character (all we know of her is Kasuga’s romanticized perspective) but one key quote I want to bring up from Nakamura is this: “I’ll tear down the wall you’re hiding behind, piece by piece.”.

I usually don’t want to use a single quote to describe a series but what Nakamura said at the end of the episode truly describes the intent of this series. Everyone’s got a dirty secret that they’ll do anything to keep silent, case in point Kasuga and Saeki’s gym clothes. Saeki herself is more than just the popular cute girl in class, but I’ll save the juicy stuff until it gets revealed.

I do admit, seeing Saeki casually say “Hello!” to Kasuga with the entire class completely stunned was awesome.

Score: 4.5/5



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