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Chihayafuru 2 – 17

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Chihayafuru 2 - 17

YUP. I just skipped episode 16 ’cause it was some recap episode. x_x

As expected, Mizusawa was seriously overpowered by Fujisaki. All the guys were flat out of the question from winning since the match started. Nishida’s thoughts focuses on winning to regain his pride after losing first in two important matches, Taichi is probably being a bit distracted from the fact that his opponent has established their difference in skill, Tsukuba’s probably just being his typical scared self and Komano-kun well… I don’t know but he seems to acknowledge the strength of his opponent. But as typical for Chihayafuru, despite the dilemma everyone’s facing, they’re still out there wanting to do their best and not let their opponent overthrow them in the match.

For Chihaya and Rion, their match is expectedly interesting. Right from the very beginning, Rion has caught my interest. Her style seems calm and her hearing and game sense is superb. Okay, as they have said she’d only play like this on matches were her grandmother’s reading. She’s not exactly the queen material but if she’ll probably overcome that problem, she’ll definitely be one of those best players out there. As for how Chihaya’s doing, she hasn’t exactly gotten her pace in the match but she’s not exactly doing bad either. Although the unexpected injury she got will probably determine the outcome of the match as shown by her sudden thought of Harada-sensei’s words. And somehow I’m kind of afraid that this injury might also be another point for the individual matches.

ANYWAY, with everyone trying to breathe a little, relax themselves and keep in mind that somehow they have to win no matter how hopeless the situation may be, I’m pretty sure that Mizusawa will still give a pretty good fight. I just don’t guarantee to see them winning right now but I am hoping that they’d win.

~on a sidenote, my Spring 2013 first impressions can be read here :3


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