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Aku no Hana – 05: Crazy Shit

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Alright, NOW I finally feel really uncomfortable watching this and that’s a good thing.

I’ve got a pretty thick skin when it comes to Aku no Hana: I’ve read the manga and even then while it had things that would make most people too mortified to keep reading, it didn’t bother me so much. Now seeing it in animated form, it’s extremely unnerving.

Kasuga’s weird obsession with Saeki takes a weirder turn with him LOSING IT when Saeki actually agrees to have a “platonic” relationship with him. Sure who wouldn’t be happy when the girl you like says “Yes!”, but that scene where he envisions her as an angel was really cringe-worthy, but again that’s the point this series makes: showing us our insecurities and having someone else (Nakamura) act as the one who pushes everyone’s boundaries, or as Nakamura calls it “Tearing down the walls that surround you – that you put up”.

I think I know why what has happened so far hasn’t really affected me: because I’ve never honestly experienced what Kasuga (and later, Saeki) experiences but I’m sure a vast majority of people have such as brooding over crushes, that awkward first date, things like that. And speaking of awkward first dates, man even I could feel the awkwardness between Saeki and Kasuga. There needed to be some sort of “WHAM!” moment: leave it to Nakamura and a bucket of water. What she did was cold, and I totally meant that pun.

Now the show’s really starting to pick up the pace, and my only fear right now is: How will it end? There’s not alot of good places to end because the manga is released in somewhat of an odd format, but judging by how things are going now I shouldn’t worry about it too much.

Score: 4/5


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