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Karneval – 05

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Karneval - 05 (1)

It would really be nice to see the connection of the stories opened up so far.

With only 13 episodes, Karneval’s got a pretty short time to fully develop the characters together with its setting with this kind of pacing. Not that it’s seriously slow or fast or anything. It’s just that all they’re doing so far is open one issue after another without any actual answer. Maybe a one or two leads but it’s not exactly helping. Maybe this is a pretty good time for me to think about the series’ actual goal.

Well I don’t really want to worry so much about how the series will proceed, connect everything together or whatever else they plan to do. All I’m pretty sure so far is that Karneval’s been bouncing back and forth in the comedy and action. While last episode was a little drama, I guess, this one’s been action pack with little to no comedy at all. Well we don’t exactly need that right now.

As for Gareki, he looks more like the person who’d take care of you in the shadows. That sounds weird. Okay, Gareki’s still a tsundere. I’m sticking to that. He told Yotaka that he doesn’t care about them anymore when in reality Gareki actually cares so much about them. It’s just that he doesn’t want them involve in his dangerous thief play that he makes them stay away from him. Well I don’t think that Gareki’s tsundere character only showed in this arc since I believe that we’ve seen this before. Oh you know that Nai-is-a-Niji episode? Gareki was all We’re not really friends or anything. We just happen to be together kind of talk when in reality he can probably just go. There’s not point in them actually sticking together, right? But then, leaving Nai never crossed his mind because I think I remember him saying that Nai’s the one keeping him out of the dark side (LOL) or something like that.

All in all, Karneval has yet given another enjoyable episode with more action than before. There’s no flashy colorful stuff in here like they used to have and we’re stuck with all this dark mystery that definitely involves the Varuga organization (or whatever they were called). How we’re going to get to the bottom of everything and how every single thing will fall into place are what I hope to see in the following episodes.


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One thought on “Karneval – 05

  1. I’m not saying that this anime has no idea what it wants to do, but this anime has no idea what it wants to do. From what I can tell, Karneval is having a bit of an identity crisis. Individually all of the episodes are still fairly good, but I think the show is going to start to suffer overall if it can’t make up its mind soon.

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