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Chihayafuru 2 – 18

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Chihayafuru 2 - 18

Each episode of Chihayafuru is a real torture.

There are times that I’d just find Chihayafuru to be quite difficult to talk about because of the number of things going on. It’s kind of pretty rare of see Chihayafuru focus only on one thing. Whenever I write about this series I’d only think about the number one thing that really caught my attention and write or consider other things next time when they really matter.

In this episode, there’s the time when they looked at Taichi, Rion, Fujisaki’s captain, Komano and even Shinobu. There’s just so much thoughts and development going around which kept the episode from reaching the match’s conclusion (thus the continuous torture). While I never consider it as something negative from the series, it pisses me off at times how much they would get my hopes up then suddenly end the episode. You know that feeling when you’re finally getting on the roll and seriously feeling what’s going on then all of a sudden the ED song begins and you realize that it has been a good 20mins.

A few episodes back, the argument of individual vs team match in Karuta was raise. Which game are for those who truly love Karuta? Shinobu said it’s the individual match which is the reason why she never participate in team matches. But she also stated that team matches are the ones that keep the game itself alive. People generally likes doing things with others which is why team matches is kind of a hit. On the other side of this, the reason why team matches isn’t the game for those who truly loves Karuta is because of the fact that a Class A player can play against a lower class. If a team a serious on winning, with something like Hiro-kun’s ability or Komano’s analysis, a team can arrange their members in a way that higher Class members will face lower Class thus instantly winning a match without so much effort and talent. Well at the very least, that’s what’s going on in Shinobu’s mind.

Anyway, Mizusawa’s situation is seriously nerve wrecking. With two matches down and three to go, Taichi said Mizusawa will take three wins. Looking at Taichi’s match, he’s probably under pressure being down by five cards (or is it four after he took a card?). There’s a pang of doubt in me that Taichi will win but I’m really eyeing on both Chihaya and Nishida to win their matches. If Nishida loses this match and even worse, if he loses before Taichi does, I bet there’s a high chance that he’ll turn his back on Karuta again (but I’m really hoping it won’t happen).

With only seven episodes to go, I’m thinking that this season might end in the conclusion of the Nationals. All I’m hoping right now is that it’ll be a pretty satisfying one even without Chihaya in the individuals match which is the highest probability right now. There’re a lot of things going on in my mind which will make the final episodes or the individuals tournament interesting or at the very least satisfying.


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