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Chihayafuru 2 – 19 + 20

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Chihayafuru 2 - 19 (1)

Taichi suddenly having a surge of luck; Chihaya still playing despite her injury. Chihayafuru surely knows how to keep the level of excitement just right.

Episode 19.

I guess I shouldn’t say that the level of excitement was ‘just right’. It’s probably more of a torture excitement as I said last post. The concluding episode of the Mizusawa and Fujisaki match gave our expected and wished-for outcome with a very interesting twist – Taichi’s unexpected luck.

Chihayafuru 2 - 19 (2)

It’s funny how it was clearly pointed out in episode 4 that Taichi’s one of those unlucky Karuta players. In this episode, Taichi and Nishida showed how much they have grown as a team. It’s funny how much we’re getting a luck-of-the-draw moments this season. They really should just stop it. ANYWAY, Taichi and Nishida showed the division of cards trick which was something they obviously stole from Hokuo. Fujisaki’s captain and coach (and probably everyone else) noticed how Mizusawa successfully divided their cards to gain a 50-50 chances of winning. It was a gamble but both Taichi and Nishida were definitely more than ready to reach out to the opponent’s side (even though it’s clearly impossible due to their opponents’ strengths).

Taichi said: It’s down to luck-of-the-draw.  I beg you. I don’t care if my card is never read in a luck-of-the-draw again. So please… just today… Just this once… This one time… Winning this team match was definitely everything to both Taichi and Chihaya. Winning the individual tournament would be a great reach but winning the team match is an even better achievement for them.

Setting aside the other stuff that went on in this episode, I’m really glad to see that we continue to have more of Taichi’s side of the story :3

Episode 20.

In five more episodes, the second season of Chihayafuru will end. The individuals match just started. How would it go? That’s what I’m pretty interested to find out.

Class A’s match would definitely be the most interesting one. After knowing more participants in the Nationals, I’m counting on seeing most of the people we encounter have a match against Chihaya and Arata. The outcome of Class A’s tournament became quite questionable this year because of Arata’s appearance. But forgetting that for a moment, it’s pretty disappointing that Chihaya can’t play hard. Using her left hand? Seriously? On a side note, Shoji facing Arata at the first match is pretty funny :3

As for Class B’s match, there’s only Rion, Hiro and Taichi to particularly look out for. I’m kind of hoping that Taichi and Rion will face each other at the end. In this side of the tournament, I feel bad for Taichi for not being in Class A, he obviously wants to play Karuta against Arata.

Chihayafuru 2 - 20

For the lower classes, I don’t really find them that interesting as of this point although I’d like to see Tsukuba beat the hell out of everyone else. I’d like to see him win his block. As for Class C, instead of cheering for Kana, I’d like Komano-kun to do better than her. I’d like to see him use his data and make it far enough in the tournament.

On some final thoughts, there’s the interesting point when Arata told Taichi that he’d want to study college in Tokyo. It basically screams to Taichi that their rivalry for Chihaya will get bigger. Well at least that’s what I think that’s going on in Taichi’s head. He’s probably scared that Chihaya and Arata might actually have mutual feeling for each other. But you see, there hasn’t really been any confirmation that Arata and/or Chihaya actually likes the other in a romantic way. While both Arata and Chihaya probably cares for each other so much, their care for each other might actually be equal to their care for Taichi. Okay. My point in here is that while Taichi’s taking everything in his romance-centered perspective, Chihaya and Arata are looking at their relationship as close-friends kind of thing. The three of them, Chihaya, Arata and Taichi, would always be together as they reach their dreams (that revolves around Karuta).


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