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Chihayafuru 2 – 21

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Chihayafuru 2 - 21

Things are going pretty nice for Chihayafuru. I’m actually glad how it isn’t the torturing kind of episode yet it’s not really relaxing one given how things are going for Chihaya and Nishida.

Setting other stuff aside, I’d like to focus on Chihaya and Nishida in this post as Mizusawa’s only Class A players with both have winning in mind. But hey, just have to say how impress I was with both Tsukuba and Sumire for winning their first round match. Most especially Sumire(: I kind of doubt that she’d win.

First off there’s the injured Chihaya. I’d say that I was pretty damn amazed at how she played. I was dead sure that she’ll lose since she isn’t using her dominant hand. It turns out she has too much talent that she can even use her left hand without getting used to it. Noticing her card placement was a big help in her play but playing and winning her match using her left hand was what truly amazed me here. The hand impulse is something pretty tough to hand.

The most striking part of this episode has got to be Nishida’s match against Arata. Honestly speaking he reminded me of Amakasu form Hokuo. They both wish to do things the easier way. They wanted to avoid being matched against strong opponents which is exactly the opposite of Chihaya. They don’t exactly enjoy the challenge but it does push him into working hard. When he saw that he’s Arata’s opponent in the 2nd round, it was like a head-on declaration of him not reaching even the top8. What I particularly noticed at Nishida and Arata’s match is how Nishida was able to somehow keep up with Arata’s ability. But I guess it shouldn’t be so much of a surprise since Nishida is pretty good player.

This refreshingly-tense episode was pretty interesting but I don’t think it came in par with the previous episodes. It was interesting as it is with a few stuff going on here and there especially Arata’s goal in the Nationals. But the cliffhanger does a pretty great job (as usual) in making us pull of hair from excitement. The outcome of the match seems predictable but I’m still pretty excited to see how Chihaya will do this time around most especially while using her injured hand.

on a sidenote, I posted a quick rant on Shingeki no Kyojin‘s episode 9 😀


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