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I guess it’s about time for me to introduce myself(: I’ll keep it quick, no worries.

First things first, I’m  -blacksheep, the owner of the blog the Blacksheep Project which no one probably knows about. It’s basically about anime, manga and a little of jmusic. My taste on anime is fairly diverse. I practically watch anything and everything as long as it catches my attention through art, synopsis, genres, cast, etc. AND my number one rule to myself is to avoid dropping shows. SO once I disliked a series, I usually place them on-hold then go back to them some other time.

When it comes to my preferences on anime, I’m more interested into watching psychological, mystery, horror, romance and supernatural. BUT in general I do watch everything. I have watched at least one anime on all genre except for yuri and hentai. My current top 5 series are: Angel Beats!, DURARARA!!, Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch + R2, Steins;Gate and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

So how long have I been watching anime? Like most people, I was watching anime ever since I was around 8yrs old, I think. That was around 11 years back? During that time I was watching anime series in dub and it’s in our language. Those series include Yu Yu Hakusho, Pokémon (the very first season), Flame of Recca and many more. It was until I was in 5th grade that I became more interested in anime when I watched Zoids Zero and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters which was my favorite anime before I watched Angel Beats!. AND once I finished Yu-Gi-Oh! when I was in 2nd year HS, I quit watching. By 2nd year college, I randomly stumbled upon Angel Beats! and that’s when I went back to watching anime again. By Summer 2010, I was already watching a couple of currently airing series such as High School of the Dead and Seitokai Yakuindomo. In Fall 2010, I finally understand the concept of seasonal anime and by then, I was watching not more that 10 currently airing series already. During the same season, I started reading manga mainly because of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai and Bakuman. AND by Winter 2011, I found myself writing weekly about the currently airing series I am watching. So now, if anyone will ask me how long I have been watching, for me, it’s only for 2 years. My experience in anime sure is few and 126 completed anime (includes TV series, specials, OVAs, and movies) is still too little for me.

That’s some pretty long introduction already. If you’d drop by my blog, you’d notice that I have some pretty long post, so here on OC, I’ll be doing some shorter ones like what webkid94 does. As for what I’ll most likely be covering for this coming Spring, my choices are: Kimi to Boku S2, Hyou-ka (if webkid won’t take it), Zetman and Tsuritama (again, if webkid won’t take it). More choices of series might come ones I’ve seen more season previews as well as the first episodes airs. Though as of now, I only plan to take around 3 series as to not mess up my own blog as well.

Now to end this post,  I sure do hope that readers of Oasis Crossing would enjoy my reviews. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! :3


One thought on “About -blacksheep

  1. you like saying First things first don’t ya ;))

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